Dock Wheel Kits

Lakeview Dock Provides Boat Dock Wheel Kits to the Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan region. Five variations of wheel kits allow use in up to 9′-0″ of water. Our Dock Wheels are rotational molded using a durable & virtually indestructible polyethylene material, producing a one-piece seamless tire.  The heavy-duty construction and wide foot print design allows these dock wheels to roll over the roughest terrain with ease.

Lakview Dock Company Wisconsin Boat Dock Supplier

Water Depth                         MIN.            MAX.

Shallow                                 12″              25″

Medium                                 17″              46″

Deep                                     32″              63″

Extra Deep                            48″              85″

Extra Extra Deep                   68″             105″

Measurements are water depths and designed to keep the top of the dock approximately 18″ above water line.