Lakeview Docks is a premier Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan Boat Dock, Boat Dock Accessory and Boat Dock Wheel Kit Supplier. Lakeview Dock offers more than just good looks, Lakeview Dock products are engineered for stability, durability and flexibility. Our docks and pier systems are manufactured in various lengths and widths for extra strength and easy installation.

Lakeview Dock | Boat Dock Color Wheel


Super Stability

  • Double braced wheel kits
  • Welded truss frame with permanently attached decking for added strength

Easy Level Legs

  • Adjust from dock surface with 15/16 socket
  • Each section has at least two independently adjustable legs

Modular Design – Configuration and reconfigure at any time

  • Configure and redesign layout as needs change
  • No drilling or welding required

Uni Clamp

  • Connect sections together and provide a locked, secure connection

Lakeview Dock | Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan Boat Dock Supplier